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Workplace Workshops

Strategies for Employees and Businesses

Janice presents customised individual or group modules, programmed to ensure you have motivated employees with a positive work and corporate attitude. Ranging for 1 to 4 hours, these workshop modules are interactive, suitable for all personality styles and using accelerated learning techniques. Learning guides and action plans (where appropriate) are provided to create a positive formative results focused learning experience. The modules can be can be separate or combined programmes to create full day programmes.

Information on the following topics is included: communication, change, conflict, interpersonal styles, relationship scenarios, stress/time management, goals, accountablility, self-esteem, confidence and loads more. The main theme of these workshops/presentations are:

In her training workshops, Janice, an experienced business trainer, motivates and educates people towards success, and works with improving the workplace attitude of employees.

'Janice had previously run a workshop in New Plymouth and a couple of our Managers attended. The standard of training was extremely high and Janice was contracted to come on site and repeat the training for a group of our Supervisory Staff. The feedback received from her training sessions was extremely positive and she was very well received by all who attended. We would recommend her as a trainer to other Companies.' - MCK Metals

Janice has written books and ebooks on attitude, success, relationships, self belief, goals and stress in people’s professional and personal life. Janice incorporates this information into her presentations. She is now collecting information for a new e-book on Attitude in the Workplace >>

Achieve Future Success

Success is a constant daily journey, making decisions that are confident and forward thinking. Planning to succeed is the key to setting goals. This workshops looks at:

  • Creating a values based life plan
  • Strategies to overcome the challenges in all areas of life
  • Short and long term approach to personal and professional success

Topics Covered:

  • Tap into your values and become a winner
  • Discover your areas of productive enjoyment
  • Analyze your weekly time chart
  • Focus on six important areas to achieve a quality life
  • Brainstorm for goals for 1, 3 5, 10 years ahead
  • Create an Action plan
  • Strategize the ‘hiccup’s
  • Create a time and stress management plan
  • Plan your reward system

Get Savvy to Workplace Stress & Sleep More

Includes NEW Ebook - Stress Less and Become Your Best
Strategies for stress reduction, improved productivity, less sleepless nights and a more enjoyable life.

"Janice, your assistance and support during the presentation of a stress management workshop for our valued front line staff, was greatly appreciated.  Your enthusiasm was infectious and the content and it's application was extremely useful to those attending, to ensure greater effectiveness and personal satisfaction within their roles in the future." -  Wendy Alexander, Business Development Officer, Barfoot & Thompson

Appreciating your Workplace Team

Have your team working together more harmoniously rather than at 'logger heads' and critical of one another. They will learn:
  • To appreciate the 'input' from others on their team
  • Understand the different roles of their co-workers
  • Learn about the different methods used by other team members
  • Steps to enhance a negative workplace environment

The workshop includes:

  • Team vision
  • Power of One
  • Workplace roles and relationships
  • Different Personalities
  • Communicating for results
  • Gaining results through Attention
  • Appreciative Compliments
  • Results through appreciation feedback tool
  • Maintain a Positive Attitude at work
  • Self Belief and the success process

    "Janice, you were fantastic and our team loved your workshop where they learnt in the fun environment you created. They were responding to the new ideas during the afternoon and asking for more." - Wesley College

    'I have managed to catch up with most of the staff and they are buzzing about the day saying it is was excellent and felt they have benefited from you expertise and sharing on 23rd May, 2007. They said the day was brilliant and you are an excellent presenter. I am pleased that they have found value for themselves and the workplace.' - Marire Homes

Boosting your Attitude to Success

Give yourself an adrenalin push by sparking  up your  'attitude' and your success rate with customers.
Reassess your attitude and your success level at work, or in your career.

This presentation looks at:

  • Goals + Attitude + Motivation = Outcome + Results
  • 5 Key areas to the sales process
  • Understanding your customer
  • Boosting yourself

Topics Covered:

  • Coping with the constant changes of: products and new products
  • Up skilling and embracing technology
  • In what ways can I help you - the repeated process of the sales cycle
  • The common thread of relationship marketing and compound interest
  • Who do you know who - pulling in those new customers
  • Understanding your customer, their needs and the challenges they're facing
  • Tips to create win/win relationships
  • Boosting your communication skills
  • Sharpening up on the challenges you face - Health, stress & time management
  • Embracing the change process
  • The advantages of being proactive and stepping outside your comfort zone

    "Janice’s seminar focused on four areas of Attitude, Customers, Sales and Life/Work Balances. The seminar was an interactive presentation which had participants collecting new ideas with the aim of taking them back to their individual franchises and their teams. Janice did a great job which aw are very appreciative of and has additionally provided some further tools free of charge to our network."

A+ Workplace Attitude PostersThe A+ Workplace Attitude Posters

Helping people reach their potential. This set of five posters has been created to prompt people about the importance of being positive at work. The posters also serve as a reminder that it’s also important throughout life to seek the positive in both your professional and personal life. $20.00 plus GST

Boost Your Attitude to A +

Kick start your thoughts to those of a winner!
This motivational workshop is about attitude, being proactive and incorporating 9 positive steps to boosting your steps to success.

  • Learn the advantages of being positive
  • Learn the advantages of being proactive
  • Gain confidence in your actions
  • Implementation for yourself, your team and customers.

Topics Covered:

  • Creating positive results
  • Overcome fear to win
  • A positive attitude creates success
  • Be Confident to step into new methodology
  • Change your talk, to yourself, team and customers
  • Interactions positively to get you towards your goals
  • Become victorious so you are remembered
  • Enthusiasm at work, creates your success

This is a one hour interactive presentation, which can be extended to a three hour workshop.

TA+ Workplace Attitude Postershe A+ Workplace Attitude Posters

Helping people reach their potential. This set of five posters has been created to prompt people about the importance of being positive at work. The posters also serve as a reminder that it’s also important throughout life to seek the positive in both your professional and personal life. $20.00 plus GST

Dealing with Difficult People & Tricky Situations

Get RESULTS in dealing with difficult people in your workplace.

This skills based workshop is teaching skills to help employees interact in win/win relationships at work. It is suitable for staff in all departments and levels to enhance work relationships.

  • Understand why people 'push' your buttons
  • Learn how to create win/win situations
  • Implement new techniques to deal with tricky people and situations

This workshop includes practical skills applicable to customers, peers, work colleagues, employees and employers.

Not just theory these methods are effective tested in the workplace situations and practical examples are shared. These techniques are easily implemented into every situations in professional life.

Topics Covered:

  • Learn about 4 relationship scenarios and 4 personality types
  • Learn about challenging behaviour and what constitutes a difficult person
  • Grasp why you feel great around some people & others you don't
  • Examine the keys to you creating winning situations and getting results
  • We're all the same but different - gender and cultural issues
  • Use effective communication to 'deal with' those tricky situations
  • Have the confidence to walk away tall from a challenging situation

This is a comprehensive three hour interactive workshop. However a shortened version can be tailored to your requirements. Participants are suppled with a workbook.

"The Dealing with Difficult People and Tricky Situations course made me take stock of my own skill base related to my particular personality type and gave me strategies not only to develop my own areas of need, but also the skills to work more effectively with the other personality types I am confronted with on a daily bases. The ability to understand the reasons certain personality types will respond differently to the same approach and to be able to respond in a manner appropriate to their respective personality type has assisted in achieving better results in a shorter timeframe." - Grant Wharry, H&S Manager/Training Manager, Mainzeal Property & Construction Ltd

"I had the pleasure of working with Janice at an SMI training course held in January 2007. Janice was able to give me some very good insights in dealing with difficult people. I am afraid it is starting to turn me into a little bit of a psychologist though as I move from looking at the visible issue to what is really bugging this person! Great skills to acquire and well worth the time." - Mike Francis, Owner/Manager, Revolution Systems Ltd - SMART BUSINESS TOOLS

"Teaching is a profession which requires interpersonal interactions and skills all day and everyday. It is good to be reminded how to go about this positively. I have learnt that I’m okay, they’re ok and not to make it personal. Find the problem and a way to the solution." - L. Fleming, Teacher

"Janice provided a fast paced easy to understand presentation that covered a wide range of material effectively." - K Turner, School Principal.

"With a friendly bubbly attitude, Janice opened my eyes to a few new perspectives that will help me progress in life." - N Anderson

"I attended your 'Dealing with Difficult People' workshop, I was also a victim of extreme workplace bullying for over 3 years. The workshop help me understand why the people that could help me didn't, they didn't have the skills required to deal with this very difficult situation, so I needed to take charge and deal with them in their personal styles. I am pleased to report that after the workshop, I sought EPA counseling and finally found the courage to stand up for myself. My counselor helped me to understand that I wasn't the problem and if it wasn't me, it would be someone else on the receiving end.

Bullying is so soul destroying and I feel for anyone who has been a victim, the impact on your health is enormous and the stress flows into all areas of your life. Your workshop started me on the right path to putting a stop to it. I am happy to report that the Bully has finally been dealt with and I have now returned to work after 2 1/2 months of stress leave. Steps have been put in place to protect me and all other stakeholders in our company from any reoccurrence of the bullying behaviour.

"Janice Davies recently conducted two training sessions with my office staff. She was wonderful.  The training was tailored to our needs exactly and she took us through the sessions in a timely yet sensitive manner.I have no hesitation recommending Janice to any company needing her extensive skills and am sure your personnel will benefit from her training." - Colleen Stairmand, National Manager, Weightwatchers NZ

References from past workshops:

"THANK YOU!! It was a great night and everyone learnt heaps."

"Your manner and presentation was great, enhanced by your obvious enthusiasm for the topic."

"We all enjoyed your interactive, creative presentation and I am sure many of us took away new ideas on how to market our business."

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